Shanghai Welcomes 50 Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Trucks for Trunk Logistics Transport

June 11,2024

On June 6, the Yangtze River Delta integrated hydrogen energy demonstration operation and Yutong Heavy Trucks 100 Cities and 10,000 Customers Batch Delivery Ceremony was held in Shanghai. During the event, Yutong Heavy Trucks officially handed over 50 units of 49T hydrogen-powered heavy-duty tractors equipped with REFIRE hydrogen fuel cell system to Shanghai Lingniu New Energy Technology Co. This marked the commencement of the Yangtze River Delta integrated hydrogen energy demonstration operation.

The Yutong 49-ton hydrogen-powered heavy-duty tractor delivered this time are equipped with the mass-produced Prisma high-power fuel cell system independently developed by REFIRE. With a rated output power of 130 kW, these systems are developed and validated according to commercial vehicle standards, ensuring stable operation at 95°C high temperatures, seamless cold startups at -30°C, a design lifespan of 30,000 hours, and adaptation to high-altitude environments up to 5,500 meters. They have the advantages of high power, long life, high reliability and environmental adaptability, enabling continuous and stable operation in a variety of complex conditions.

The high-power fuel cell system has received widespread recognition from numerous clients since it is assembled in bulk onto vehicles and put into practical use. In April this year, REFIRE, in collaboration with Sinopec, successfully completed a 1500-kilometer trial run on the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. Two Yutong 49T hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks were equipped with REFIRE's 180kW high-power fuel cell system, completing the scenario verification of heavy-load logistics on the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. This marks the first large-scale, long-distance, cross-regional transportation of hydrogen-powered vehicles in China, showcasing a significant milestone towards further accelerating the process of hydrogen corridor construction.

The successful mass delivery of these vehicles marks the results of an in-depth collaboration between Yutong Heavy Trucks, REFIRE and Lingniu Technology. With the commissioning of these vehicles, the scope of hydrogen-powered transportation demonstration in the Yangtze River Delta region will be further expanded. This initiative will facilitate the development and integration of various parts within the hydrogen energy industry chain, contributing to the high-quality construction of the “Yangtze River Delta Hydrogen Corridor” and promoting the transformation of the regional energy structure to hydrogen energy.

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