FAW Jiefang Participated in Zhengzhou International New Energy Vehicle Expo.

June 06,2024

On May 31, the 7th Zhengzhou International New Energy Commercial Vehicle Promotion and Application Expo was successfully held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, FAW Jiefang brought its latest developed J6P-423 NEV tractor unit and J6L-350 lightweight NEV mixer truck to the expo. The tractor unit got a lot of attention from the visitors for its strong power, long range and environmental performance. It is fitted with the latest battery technology and intelligent management system that allows for greater energy efficiency and lower emissions, making it perfect for green logistics transportation.

Mixer trucks, which play an important role in the construction industry, have always been a focus of the industry's transition to clean energy. This mixer uses efficient electric drive system and advanced concrete mixing technology to greatly reduce energy consumption and pollution. With an intelligent operating system, its ability to adapt to complex working conditions has greatly improved.

In the future, FAW Jiefang will invest more in innovation and research and development of new energy commercial vehicle products that are more environmentally friendly and efficient, so as to contribute to the transformation of the commercial vehicle industry to green energy.

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