Golden Dragon Delivered Another 100 Units of Electric Heavy Trucks

May 27,2024

On May 21, Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus entered into a strategic cooperation with Tsingtuo, Covidien Energy Technology and Zhejiang Qingcheng Holding to supply 500 heavy-duty trucks and also delivered 100 all-electric dump trucks to a customer in Wenzhou at the site.

This was the largest batch of all- electric heavy truck delivered by Golden dragon since the successful delivery of 42 all-electric heavy trucks last month, which also indicates that Golden dragon has established a firm foothold in the new energy heavy truck market.

The 100 units of all-electric heavy-duty trucks delivered this time are equipped with integrated design power battery, high-torque maintenance-free permanent magnet synchronous motor, AMT transmission, manual shift mechanism, with an efficiency of up to 95%. With good reliability and durability, it can be widely used in a vierity of scenarios, including iron and steel mills, ports, cement plants, coking plants, mines, municipal construction and other drayage transportation.

It is known that this is the first batch of new energy heavy-duty dump trucks introduced to Wenzhou. Its operation will have a demonstrative effect on the promotion of new energy trucks. In addition to the countless environmental benefits, the operation of these trucks will also bring great economic benefits to the region.

Golden Dragon, in cooperation with Tsingtuo, has been actively exploring the field of new energy heavy-duty trucks, and launched a series of new energy dump trucks, tractors, and other products based on charging, battery-swapping, and hydrogen fuel technological routes. 

Based on this cooperation, Golden Dragon would successively launch more new energy special vehicle products such as concrete mixer trucks and sanitation trucks to further meet the market demand in scenarios such as mines, ports and other high-energy-consuming and high-polluting transportation.

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