Batch of Hongyan Heavy-duty Trucks Were Exported to Tanzania

May 17,2024

CVMC and SAIC Hongyuan held a handover ceremony for its first 40 units of dump trucks, tractors and specialized vehicles exported to Tanzania. This is not only a breakthrough for Hongyan in developing the Tanzanian market, but also a demonstration of China's strength in the East African market and the implementation of the national ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative and overseas market development strategy.

Back in 2019, the customer established a relationship with Hongyan to become its dealer. Since then, Hongyan trucks have been very popular with customers and have become their first choice thanks to their strong power, professional performance and reliable quality. The delivery of these vehicles will contribute to the promotion of transport and high-quality development in the region as well as relations between the two countries.

Since the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative was proposed, Hongyang has responded positively and achieved significant development in Tanzania, contributing to the local economy. Tanzania, as a country located in East Africa with many important port cities, has already maintained trade relations with Arabia, Persia and India as far back as BC. In particular, Dar es Salaam, as the largest city in Tanzania, is one of the important cities along the “Maritime Silk Road”, and also serves as a link to the sea for Rwanda and Burundi, two landlocked countries, as well as part of neighboring Congo.

According to reports, Tanzania imports a large number of trucks from China every year as there is a large demand for trucks due to the relatively developed local logistics industry and the need to develop infrastructure.

Although Tanzania is located in the tropics, there are large differences in elevation, with temperatures varying from region to region, and combined with the relatively poor road traffic environment, there are high demands on vehicle reliability and durability. With its strong power, SAIC Hongyan trucks can easily cope with the complex road conditions on the plateau, helping to improve transportation efficiency.

SAIC Hongyan has always attached great importance to its products and markets, and through continuous innovation, it has been a favorite among customers for its excellent quality.

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