Dayun V9 Fuel Tractor Designed for Long Haul Logistics Transport

May 15,2024

The latest generation of Dayun V9 Fuel Edition tractor boasts a dominant and stylish appearance. It is highly recognized by customers for its reliable quality and high safety and has been regarded as a representative of middle and high-end heavy trucks in China.

Dayun V9 tractor unit made its debut at the Canton Fair in April and came in a fluorescent green color. In terms of power, it is equipped with a Weichai 12L diesel engine with a maximum output of 460 horsepower, paired to a FAST AMT transmission, 7.5t Mercedes-Benz front axle + 13t rear axle.

On the interior, the truck has a multimedia LCD display, and multi-function steering wheel; at the same time, it adopts automatic doors and windows, electric mirrors, full-automatic air-conditioning and other user-friendly configurations to enhance the driving experience.

In addition, the interior of the V9 features the all-season multifunctional airbag seats, with ventilation and heating functions. Its dual-level lumbar support can effectively reduce fatigue caused by working conditions such as long-distance bumpy road.

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