DFAC Releases a Brand-new Logo for Overseas Vehicles

May 15,2024

On April 28, 2024,  Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (DFAC) held a grand ceremony to launch its new logo in Xiangyang, opening a new chapter for DFAC’s further expansion in the global market.

The new logo adds the word "DFAC" to the original "DONGFENG" logo, which is more stylish and technological, reflecting the product confidence and strength of Dongfeng. At the same time, the new logo makes an unified plan for products from different business lines with different power, which makes Dongfeng's overseas products easier to recognize.

In addition to logo upgrade, DFAC also performed a comprehensive upgrade to products, technology, quality and others in order to compete at an international leading level.

Product Layout
DFAC has completed an overall layout of products from mini trucks, small trucks, light trucks, small VANs, medium VANs, large VANs and buses;

Product Technology
Some products have been equipped with AEBS, ESC, dual airbags and airbag suspension;

Product Quality
We have completed the establishmentof a customer-centered quality management system and formed an integrated control mechanism for supplier quality.

In April alone, the sales volume of DFAC reached 3,300 units, and the cumulative sales from January to April totaled nearly 13,000 units, an increase of 172% year-on-year, with sales up 157% year-on-year. The market share of the Chinese-funded LDT industry reached 11%, an increase of 4.2 percentage points over the same period in 2023, much higher than that of the industry.

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