130-ton Wide-body Truck Came off the Assembly Line

May 10,2024

On May 3, 2024, the first 130-ton off-road wide-body dump truck (hereinafter referred to as CKD130AY) of Jiangsu Changkuang came off the line from the Plant No. 7 of KTK Railway Transportation Industrial Park in Wujin Hi-Tech Zone. Mr. Ge Jianming, Chairman of Jinchuang Holding Group, Mr. Jin Yan, Executive Vice President of Jinchuang Group, Mr. Li Jun, Chairman of KTK Heavy Industry, and Mr. Xing Shaohui, General Manager of Jiangsu Changkuang attended the launching ceremony.

General Manager Xing Shaohui said that the launching of CKD130AY marks another firm step they take towards mining trucks. It is of far-reaching significance as it makes its product portfolio more diverse.

KD130AY is the first 130-ton off-road wide-body dump truck of Jiangsu Changkuang. The whole vehicle is equipped with a high-power engine and automatic transmission. With strong power output, it ensures that the vehicle can travel quickly under bad road conditions and heavy load.

Meanwhile, the advanced oil and gas suspension system provides good stability and smoothness, effectively enhancing the vehicle's passability and driving comfort. The filling levels or piles of loading materials can be up to 50 and 58 cubic meters. It features a large capacity, high efficiency and low cost, and can meet the needs of transporting large quantities of materials.

IIn addition, the adoption of double-cylinder lifting tipper system can make it unload quickly and smoothly, improve the working efficiency and shorten the working time.  Meantime it also ensures a stable, more powerful and safer operation in the lifting process. In addition, the whole vehicle adopts high-quality components and manufacturing process to ensure its reliability and durability even under the harsh working environment.

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