20 XCMG High-horsepower Mining Trucks Put into Service in Inner Mongolia

April 29,2024

Recently, the first batch of 20 XCMG XG110 mining trucks was successfully put into operation in a large mine in Inner Mongolia to accelerate the high-quality development of local mining transportation. Thanks to the product's good reputation here and its popularity among nearby customers, the customer placed an order for a total of 70 units.

The XG110 mining truck delivered this time serves as the main high-horsepower model of XCMG. The whole vehicle adopts CNC plasma and laser cut, robot welding and other advanced manufacturing process technologies. With professional power system configuration, corrosion-resistant high-strength steel plate and excellent hill climbing performance, it grows in popularity among customers.

From open pit iron ore and coal mines to copper and sand and gravel aggregate mines, from alpine zones at 4,000 meters above sea level to hot and humid low latitudes... ... XG110 has stood the harsh test in the complex real-world environment with its superb adaptability and durability.

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