73 Sany Mixer Trucks Delivered to Southeast Asia

March 27,2024

SOUTHEAST ASIA, MARCH 27, 2024 /chinatrucks.com/ --Recently, 73 Sany concrete mixers were put in line to be sent to Southeast Asia. This marks a good start for Sany's overseas business in 2024.
73 Sany Mixer Trucks Delivered to Southeast Asia

The shipment was delivered as complete vehicles. Sany's service team conduct a full inspection on each vehicle at the site to ensure that it was in good condition.

73 Sany Mixer Trucks Delivered to Southeast Asia

In recent years, the economies of Southeast Asia have showed a steady and favorable growth. Countries are speeding up their infrastructure construction to sustain a high economic growth over the long term. Upon arrival, these 73 mixer trucks delivered this time will be put into service immediately for local infrastructure projects like basic roads, municipal office buildings and public offices.

Sany's continued efforts in the Southeast Asian market have not only brought customers great infrastructure tools, but also taken a step towards its further expansion in the market.

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