Yutong T Series Light Trucks Made Their Debut in Mexico

March 25,2024

MEXICO, MARCH 25, 2024 /chinatrucks.com/ --Recently, Yutong held a launch conference for its T series light trucks in Mexico, which is their first debut there. The event brought 170 Mexican customers together, including Francisco Cabeza, President of the Mexican Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (AMPEV), as well as 20 industry media outlets to witness the moment.
Yutong Light Trucks Making Their Debut in Mexica

Mexico has always been an important strategic market for Yutong. Yutong established a subsidiary in Mexico when it began formulating its new energy strategy and is provided marketing and after-sales support in the country. To date, Mexico City Electric Transportation Service Company has a total of 301 Yutong new energy vehicles, accounting for 66.8% of its total fleet. They provided a strong guarantee for Mexico City's approximately 100 million and two million passengers to travel in a green, safe, comfortable, zero-emission and sustainable way.
Yutong Light Trucks Making Their Debut in Mexica

In this event, Yutong Light Truck, with the aid of leading technology, not only provides more efficient green transportation solutions for Mexico, but also gains wide acceptance among on-site users for its excellent product performance. Major customers including the commercial director of Walmart, the purchasing director of Global Adidas, and the purchasing director of Estrella roja Transportation Company, all spoke very highly of the Yutong light trucks. Yutong received its first light truck order and 10 potential customers at the event, setting an example for China's new energy light trucks to enter the American market.

In the public transport sector, Yutong has begun working closely with Mexico as early as 2019. Today, Yutong got its light trucks launched in the Mexican market, aiming to help resolve the problems with frequent maintenance and rising fuel prices and hoping it would bring added value to customers in the transformation to green logistics.

The two products Yutong brought to Mexico are Yutong Light Truck T5 and Yutong Light Truck T3. As the second generation of Yutong's new energy light trucks, the T-Series not only continue the advantages of the RuiControl E technology platform, but also gets its safety, reliability, attendance, transportation efficiency boosted with the aid of the T-Power Super Electric Chain.

Yutong Light Trucks Making Their Debut in Mexica

T-Power Super Electric Chain, as the exclusive technology of Yutong Light Truck, provides technical support for the whole vehicle in both hardware and software regards. In term of hardware, a number of components like seven-in-one power domain controller, a new generation of high-security super-energy batteries, and a new generation of high-efficiency lightweight integrated electric drive axles have been installed to improve the level of safety and performance. With regard to software, it boasts six core technologies, including energy-efficient battery self-heating technology, enhanced regenerative braking energy recovery technology, and intelligent energy management technology of the whole vehicle, thus delivering longer range and superior driving experience.Yutong Light Trucks Making Their Debut in Mexica

With the aid of "RuiControl E Technology Platform" and the powerful "T-Power Super Integrated Electric Chain", Yutong enables innovation and upgrade in its T series Light Trucks and solve the pain point with traffic jam, climbing road and high fuel consumption. Journalists at the event said that their impression on “made in China” changed when they saw Yutong light trucks.

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