Great Wall’s Overseas Pickup Sales Exceeded 48,262 Units in 2023

January 23,2024

Great Wall Motors (Hereafter referred as "GWM") recently released its full-year sales figures for 2023. The company sold a total of 202,330 units of pickups in the global market, up 8.46% year-on-year, and ranked first for the 26th consecutive year. Overseas market sold 48,262 pickups, ranked first in the overseas market for Chinese brands. POER has become the first high-end pickup brand to break 500,000 units. With record monthly sales of more than 10,000 units in more than 40 months, it ranks No. 1 in pickup truck sales in China.

With the continuous advancement of the global strategy, POER is now available for sale in more than 50 countries across the four continents worldwide.

GWM was one of the first Chinese automobile companies to go global. As early as 1997, GWM began exporting pickups to the Middle East, marking the beginning of its overseas strategy. In the following seven years, GWM ranked first in the cumulative export volume of pickups and SUVs in the Chinese market; In 2005, GWM began to develop its overseas KD assembly business, and the "Global Ecosystem" strategy began to take shape. During this period, the HAVAL brand was sold in Italy, setting a record for Chinese brands exporting in bulk to the European Union markets. This marked GWM's initial attempt to enter the high-potential market. In 2014, with the laying of the foundation of GWM's overseas factory as a milestone, it officially entered the stage of strategic upgrading. Subsequently, it quickly invested in the Rayong factory in Thailand, and the Iracemápolis factory in Brazil. GWM's global development pattern including R&D, production, and sales began to take shape.

It is estimated that GWM pickup trucks account for almost 50% of market share in China. That’s to say, one out of every two pickup trucks sold in China is a Great Wall. In addition to domestic market, it also has gained great popularity in overseas market. Cuba has even printed GWM pickup on its currency. To date, its cumulative global sales have exceeded 251,000 units, making it the only pickup truck brand to enter the "2 million units club".

In 2023, Great Wall has become more aggressive in promoting its globalization. In March, POER KINGKONG, as the latest global model of GWM PICKUP, debuted in Saudi Arabia. In October, Great Wall Motor’s POER pickup rolls off line in Ecuador’s CKD factory. This means that the Great Wall POER pickup truck has realized localized production in the South American market and will further expand its global presence.

Great Wall will be dedicated to developing new products in different countries based on their various requirements and needs. With the support of Hi4-T NEV technology, POER will make its entry into Australia, South Africa and ASEAN to move the popularity of NEW pickups. In Latin America, such as Mexica, Great Wall is also working to accelerate the launch of its POER pickup.

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