GWM's POER Pickup Rolls off at Its CKD Factory in Ecuador

January 22,2024

On October 26th, GWM held a grand ceremony for the first POER CKD project to be launched at the CIAUTO factory in Ecuador. The implementation of local production of GWM POER in Ecuador is a commitment of GWM to provide better product experience to users, and also a manifestation of the continuous improvement of its technological strength and the continuous advancement of its “global ecosystem”.

The first GWM POER of the CKD project in Ecuador was launched at the ceremony

Since entering the Ecuadorian market in 2009, GWM has actively promoted localized operations and provided products that better meet the needs of local users. CIAUTO is the first authorized CKD overseas assembly plant produced by GWM in Latin America and one of the three major KD assembly plants in Ecuador. After experiencing localized production of several generations of products such as HAVAL H5, HAVAL M4, and Wingle pickup trucks, GWM finally saw the rolling off the POER locally.

As a star product of GWM, GWM pickup trucks have been the top sellers in China for 25 consecutive years, accounting for nearly 50% of the domestic market. The cumulative global sales have exceeded 2.45 million units. It is estimated that GWM pickup trucks account for almost 50% of market share in China.

As a star product of the GWM pickup trucks, POER took less than 100 days from the first car to the 10000th. In China, the GWM POER has sold over 10,000 units in 37 months and has consistently won the championship in pickup truck sales in China.

As of now, the GWM POER has been launched in over 50 countries worldwide and has achieved very impressive performance. In Chile, just one month after its launch, it won the "Best Pickup of the Year" award from MT ONLINE. In the past September, GWM POER won the top place in the local pickup market; In the South African market, it has been awarded the "Best New Pickup of the Year" award by the South African Automobile Industry Association; In Australia, where the economy is developed and the penetration rate of pickup trucks is as high as 20%, GWM has won the "Best Pickup of the Year" award and has also become a Chinese brand with a five-star safety rating under the new ANCAP standard in Australia.

Rooted in the local area and serving the local area, GWM will continue to provide high quality products and services to Ecuadorian users through localized production. Globally, GWM will continue to practice its internationalization strategy with Long-termism and broaden its scope of "Global Ecosystem".

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