Foton Loxa Exports 21 Mixer Trucks to Colombia

January 10,2024

Colombia, January 10, 2024 / --Recently, FOTON LOXA exported 21 GTL lightweight mixer trucks to Colombia, marking a new chapter in its overseas expansion. These products have long been recognized for their excellence in the global market and will provide an integrated solution for Colombia's infrastructure.

The Foton LOXA GTL light mixer truck is equipped with a ZF AMT transmission for easy operation, which also helps reduce fatigue, fuel consumption and weight. The intelligent system equipped on the vehicle can realize automatic operations and reduce labor intensity. Different new materials, new technologies and new processes have been used in the making of mixer trucks to reduce its weight by 8%-11%. The steering system and brake system have been upgraded to cope with extreme operating conditions, the waterproof axle design allows you to adapt to various road conditions.

This export is a good start for the upcoming 2024. In the new year, FOTON LOXA will bring in more premium products for overseas market through continuous technology innovation under the guideline of market demand and customer-first policy.

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