SHACMAN Made a Big Move in Mexico in 2023

January 05,2024

In recent two years, Mexico’s automotive industry is experiencing remarkable growth in sales, particularly in the heavy vehicle segment. Data showed that China exported 49,329 trucks to Mexico from January to October this year. With a market share of more than 8.97 per cent and 43% YoY growth, Mexico ranked second among the destination countries for Chinese truck exports.

SHACMAN, a Chinese truck manufacturer with headquarters based in Xi'an, Shaanxi, has made a big move in Mexico this year. It is speculated that SHACMAN sold around 1,500 units in conventional fuel trucks it offered in Mexico this year and the company aims to increase that number to 2,500 units in 2024.

In November this year, SHACMAN announced that it will invest an initial investment of US$10 million to set up an assembly plant in Querétaro, which is scheduled to start operation in middle of 2024. Once in operation, the plant is expected to have an annual production capacity of 1000 units and generate 250 jobs. This project will allow the SHACMAN to move from an assembly plant with the X3000 model to a manufacturing plant that generates domestic content and also exports to the United States and Canada.

In Mexico, SHACMAN started with two type of trucks — a Class 8 truck in different applications, tractor trucks, mixers, heavy duty and also a medium-duty truck. The two trucks including SHACMAN X3000 and L3000 can be powered either by a diesel engine, concentrated natural gas (CNG) engine or liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine. Now a wide range of product portfolio has been formed including X6000, X5000, X3000, L3000 models in their EURO 3 and 5 versions, and eventually EURO 6.

As of now, SHACMAN has set up factories in 13 countries with products sold to more than 100 countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Russia and Middle East, Central and South America.

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