Farizon Homtruck Officially Unveiled on 2023 Farizon Auto Day

December 26,2023

Farizon Auto, the new energy commercial vehicle brand under the Geely Holding Group, held its annual event, Farizon Auto Day, in Xiangtan, Hunan. The main highlight of the event was the grand unveiling of Homtruck, Farizon's cutting-edge luxury new energy intelligent heavy truck. Developed by Farizon's global R&D team over six years, it combines European automotive manufacturing expertise with Chinese mastery of new energy and intelligent technology.

Built on the GXA-T Architecture, Homtruck offers unparalleled quality, with millions of kilometers of validation testing conducted. Recently the model triumphed an extreme cold challenge running from Heihe to Changchun, covering 1,341 kilometers and earned the coveted "High-Efficiency Performance Heavy Truck" certification after rigorous testing by CAERI. Homtruck is also gearing up to challenge the world record for the "longest range on a single refueling for a methanol range extender heavy truck" in 2024.

During the event, Ulrich Richter, Global Technical Director of Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, gave a comprehensive analysis of Homtruck, delving into aspects of efficiency, safety, and comfort. He highlighted, "It redefines the relationship between people, vehicles, and the environment, prioritizing ultimate efficiency."

Homtruck features a fully digital powertrain management solution based on Farizon's "Methanol-hydrogen + Electric" technology. With versatile power options such as methanol range extender, methanol AMT, and pure electric, it optimizes the most efficient power combination for real-world scenarios, ensuring an ultra-long range (up to 500km for pure electric, 1500km for methanol).

Homtruck also boasts an industry-leading drag coefficient of 0.343Cd, reducing energy consumption by 7%. It employs proactive intelligent energy management technology supporting optimal power mode selection and smart SOC control as well as integrating L2++ assisted driving features like proactive adaptive cruise control (PACC) for optimal speed and gear control.

Homtruck autonomous driving functionality leverages Geely satellite network and collaborates with global partners, employing a comprehensive solution with multiple cameras, laser radar, 4D millimeter-wave radar, and integrated navigation. This ensures efficiency while significantly reducing driver fatigue.

Prioritizing driving safety, Homtruck adopts a "cage" type structure with a 32% high-strength steel ratio and advanced collision force path planning technology. Additional features include electronic rearview mirrors, a digital high-definition 270-degree panoramic imaging system, and a rearview imaging system, providing all-day visibility on the road. The intelligent driving system ensures a safer driving experience through multi-source fusion vision and predictive safety planning.

For data security, Farizon ensures customer privacy through a confidential mechanism with secure design protection for data collection and storage. Cargo safety is provided with the Sentinel Mode, enabling real-time monitoring of the entire vehicle, ensuring the safety of transported goods.

Functional safety is a paramount focus, with the entire vehicle undergoing safety analysis for over 1200+ operating scenarios, implementing 200+ functional safety mechanisms. It has received the ASIL D functional safety process certification from TUV Nord. Information security is fortified with an independently developed network security intrusion detection and defense system, providing multiple layers of network security protection for the cockpit, power system, chassis, body, and intelligent driving modules. It identifies potential intrusion risks, ensuring maximum vehicle network security.

Homtruck combines a wedge-shaped aerodynamic design, seamlessly integrating engineering mechanics and design aesthetics. The intelligent living cabin predominantly uses eco-friendly materials and integrates all necessary features for work, entertainment, and daily life. The third-generation intelligent seats, coupled with the advanced CALM suspension system, enhance cabin stability and comfort. The AI voice assistant ensures driving safety seamlessly. The ECAS airbag control system facilitates easy boarding and disengagement, significantly reducing workload.

To cater to the entertainment needs of drivers while they rest, a dual-screen intelligent UI control interface with a rich application ecosystem is designed for commercial vehicle drivers. Meanwhile, 12 speakers and an independent external amplifier provide drivers with an immersive sound field. Features like the intelligent fresh air system, smart kitchen, separate bathroom, and electric bunk create a homely atmosphere for drivers.

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