BYD's First T5 Hybrid Light Truck

November 03,2023

BYD T5 Hybrid Truck is a 4.5-ton grade urban logistics light truck launched by BYD on October 18. It measures 5.995 meters long, 2.160 meters wide, and 3.150 meters high. The appearance of the new truck is basically the same as the previous pure electric version.

BYD Hybrid T5 uses self-developed "three electric systems" (namely, the battery, the electric motor, and the electric control system) that give it a number of advantages over its competitors. The model features a 1.5T hybrid-specific high-efficiency engine with a maximum thermal efficiency of 41%.

It has a combined fuel consumption of around 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers under comprehensive operating conditions. Additionally, it has a maximum combined range of 1,000km.

BYD T5 is equipped with the world's first flat wire motor (maximum power 150kW) and first DM hybrid-dedicated 18.3kWh blade battery and BYD's own hybrid-specific blade battery and incorporates battery direct cooling technology to ensure endurance. It can be charged from 30 per cent to 80 per cent in less than half an hour.

Its 0 to 55km/h acceleration time is 5.5 seconds when fully loaded.

The T5 features a lightweight design, enabling a 300kg to 400kg higher loading capacity than hybrid trucks in its class.

In addition, it uses an intelligent cockpit powered by the DiLink system with intelligent configuration.

The screen can be rotated by voice control and fit your mobile phone.

Other features include intelligent voice and auto A/C to give you a more comfortable driving experience.

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