Farizon G Heavy Trucks Serve the 19th Asian Games

September 26,2023

September 26th, 2023, Hangzhou, China - The 19th Asian Games, which officially commences in Hangzhou on September 23rd, will mark an extraordinary milestone in sporting history when it becomes the pioneering global event to employ carbon neutral green methanol for the ignition and fuelling of the Games main torch. This innovative approach symbolizes a commitment to green and sustainable practices in sports, and it represents the inaugural use of methanol as a fuel source on a grand scale.

The carbon neutral methanol for the historic Torch lighting will be provided by Geely Holding Group. Following the principles of carbon capture and utilisation, green methanol offers several remarkable advantages as the Asian Games flame's fuel:

Environmental Friendliness: Carbon neutral methanol burns efficiently, resulting in zero emissions within the closed loop system.

Safety: It boasts increased safety with minimal explosive risk, facilitating safe and convenient transportation and storage.

Reliability: Even in extreme weather conditions, it maintains combustion capability, ensuring a stable and enduring flame.

Visibility: The flame burns bright and steady.

The carbon neutral methanol fuelling the torch is sourced from the Anyang Green Methanol Factory, an eco-friendly plant invested in by Geely Holding Group. The factory is the world's first green methanol production facility with a capacity of over 100,000 tons per annum. This factory employs an innovative process to synthesize carbon neutral green methanol. It harnesses by-product hydrogen from coke oven gas necessary for local steel and chemical production and captured carbon dioxide from industrial emissions to produce an impressive 110,000 tons of methanol annually. This results in a direct reduction of 160,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Leading the way in the transport of green carbon neutral methanol from Anyang to the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games' main torch tower is the Farizon G Heavy Truck, which operates on this sustainable e-fuel. Compared to traditional diesel-heavy trucks, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 53% over its entire lifecycle, and when compared to LNG heavy trucks, it reduces emissions by 37%.

Backed by Geely's extensive 18-year experience in the methanol sector, the Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group has successfully addressed the major technical challenges pertaining to methanol engine durability and corrosion. The company has developed pivotal technology for methanol vehicles and developed a diverse array of efficient methanol power solutions. These include their methanol P2 hybrid system, methanol range-extended hybrid powertrain, and methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Supporting commercial vehicle applications of carbon neutral green methanol fuel, Farizon has already achieved mass production of methanol commercial vehicle engines and methanol range-extenders power systems meeting the requirements of different commercial vehicle operators. Farizon’s methanol-powered heavy trucks can significantly reduce fuel costs for operators by 18%-32%, potentially saving up to 1 RMB per kilometer compared to diesel or petrol models and considerably lowering logistics expenses. By combining methanol power with electrification, Farizon aims to unlock the full potential of green methanol and maximize its advantages.

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