Global Strategic Partners of SINOTRUK Visit Weichai

September 04,2023

On August 29, nearly 300 global strategic partners of Sinotruk Group from 55 countries and regions around the world paid a visit to Weichai. During the visit, they got a close look at Weichai’s full range of power products and were deeply impressed with its world-leading R&D and manufacturing technology.

At Weichai's invitation, the guests visited a number of places, including the science and technology exhibition hall, the high-end heavy-duty engine intelligent manufacturing factory, the large-bore high-speed engine intelligent factory and the product testing center. Wechai's strong scientific and technological strength, intelligent product lines, advanced quality management concepts, and "Weichai speed" that shakes up the industry gave them a deep impression and further strengthened their confidence in cooperation with Weichai.

This visit is not only a symbol of Wechai's partnership, but also a stepping stone to bring positive changes to the industry. With Weichai's advanced technology and Sinotruck's unrivaled market share, this strategic partnership is destined for great success, not only in China, but globally.

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