Geely’s Radar RD6 Electric Pickup Is Headed Overseas

August 17,2023

On August 15, the first batch of Radar RD6 all-electric pickup trucks headed for the overseas markets from Tianjin port. This is another big move after the first batch of Radar RD6 all-electric pickup trucks for the overseas markets rolled off the assembly line in China on July 25.

The sales volume of Rado RD6 in May and June consecutively exceeded 1,000 units in China with a market share of 84.2%, which makes it a real "new energy pickup truck market leader". This trip to the sea fully proves the product strength of Rado RD6, which has been "recognized by the global market".

The Radar made its debut in July 2022, with the Chinese name “雷达”, and its first model was the electric pickup RD 6 built on the SEA Vast Architecture. In October 2022, RADAR’s first mass-produced model, the RD 6, came off the assembly line. On November 30, the first Radar RD 6 were delivered to customers in Shenzhen, China.

The electric truck comes in 663 kWh for 400 km of range, 86 kWh for 550 km and 100 kWh for 632 km battery pack options. Powered by a 200kW (268 hp) electric motor, the RD6 EV produces 284 Nm of torque.

As a pickup truck, the Rado RD 6 has a 1200L trunk volume, with a hidden trunk and 48L rear seat storage space, and supports 6kW all-scene discharge.

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