140 SANY Equipment Exported to Dubai

August 09,2023

DUBAI, August 9, 2023 /chinatrucks.com/ --Recently, a ship loaded with 140 Sany equipments sailed out of Shandong port to Jebel Ali port in Dubai, UAE.

This products exported will be mainly used in infrastructure construction projects in countries along the "Belt and Road" to help improve local livelihoods.

“This export is different from the past. Heavy equipment is difficult to load and unload and is vulnerable to the typhoon weather. Proper loading, ballasting, tie-downs, and stability adjustments are very important for safe operations.” said Wu Yanhong, law enforcement officer of Dongguan Shatian Marine Department. To ensure proper loading, Maritime authorities check the operation of ships on a daily basis and monitor the cargo loading process in real time using closed-circuit television, automatic identification systems.

Driven by the Belt and Road project, China gets more foreign contracting projects, and there is more demand for Sany excavators, dump trucks, mixer trucks, pump trucks and other engineering equipment.

With high quality, excellent performance and ultimate service, Sany equipment has achieved impressive sales results in the global market.

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