680HP X6000, Specifically Designed for Efficient Logistics

May 26,2023

As the demands for timeliness in the logistics sector continued to grow, high horsepower trucks are becoming increasingly popular in the market. In this context, SHACMAN launched a 680HP flagship model with brand new interior, attracting a great deal of attention.

To satisfy the demands for efficiency in logistics, a high horsepower engine is required. SHACMAN X6000 flagship version is powered by the world's first Weichai WP15H engine with a thermal efficiency of exceeding 52.25%. It can produce a maximum output of 680hp and deliver a maximum torque of up to 3,200 Nm. With the 16-speed FAST AMT transmission, it achieves a transmission efficiency of 99.8%. High transmission efficiency and excellent shift schedule reduce the possibility of “out of gear” and unsuitable gear changes.

It features HANDE H series rear axles, with an axle speed ratio of 2.533. Its efficiency can reach 98.8% in powered cruising mode of operation. It offers a minimum B-10 bearing life of 1.8 million KM. High-horsepower engines combined with direct-shift gearboxes and small-ratio rear axles are perfectly suited to the requirements of customers for trunk transport. Meanwhile, it has two large fuel tanks with a total capacity of 1,000 litres and can run for 3,000 kilometres.

It offers tank heating to ensure that the tank always runs smoothly even in extremely cold conditions. The truck is also equipped with low rolling resistance tyres and aluminium rims as standard, which reduces the curb weight even further. The interior better reflects the new concept of the De Long X6000 Flagship than the changes in the chassis.

Now let's take a look at the interior. Firstly, it has a cab decorated with black and light beige to give you a sense of soft. The one-touch start button boasts a refreshed design with multiple decorations and looks more beautiful. For the shift selector assembly, the original gear lever on the centre console is converted to a column shift mounted on the steering column for ease of operation. The Delong X3000 features a colorful dashboard with a floating display in the design, which provides more information about the vehicle's driving than traditional mechanical dashboard with a small display. The floating multimedia screen mounted on the centre console can offer you better driving experience than the previous embedded screen. Besides, there is a button under the centre console for precise adjustment of the air volume and temperature, and it supports digital display. The overhead storage space has also been redesigned, with a side sliding compartment on both sides and a large storage compartment in the middle for holding luggage and household items. Parking air conditioner and independent heating are available as an option to keep our drivers warm in winter and cool in summer.

The newly built interior of the Delong X6000 is full sense of technology and fashion. With an output of up to 680hp and an efficient chassis, this truck will be highly competitive in the market.

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