First 100 Hongyan Intelligent Heavy Trucks Set off for Central Asia

May 23,2023

Recently, SAIC Hongyan exported 100 intelligent heavy-duty trucks to Kazakhstan from its manufacturing base in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area. This is also the first time that SAIC Hongyan has exported intelligent heavy trucks to Central Asian countries and regions in batches.

Central Asia is located in the high altitude interior regions between 30° and 60°N and plays a key role in linking the Asia and Europe. As a landlocked country with a dry and extreme climatic conditions, such as extreme cold or heat, as well as harsh road conditions, it places greater demands on the reliability and durability of its vehicles.

To this end, the JH6 exported this time has been made adaptive improvements and passed the three harsh three-high test verification of high temperature above 45℃, high cold below - 35℃ and high plateau above 4700m. It can handle extreme cold, extreme heat and high altitude in Central Asia, as well as the challenges of transport in complex environments.  In addition, it is powered by a 13L Corso engine with Eurosynchronous technology. The engine has a maximum output of 520 hp and its 1800 bar electronically controlled common rail system and eVGT instantaneous booster technology allow for greater air intake, better fuel combustion and a wider economic engine speed range, thus ensuring strong power, low consumption and high efficiency, even at high altitudes.

The company's exports to Central Asia have increased year on year since 2020, from 548 units in 2021 to 1,700 in 2022, with over 800 units exported to the region so far this year. Among the exported vehicles are tractors, dump trucks and special vehicles, which are widely used in urban construction, logistics and fire fighting in Central Asia to do its part for “One Belt, One Road" and "Central Asia Economic Circle”.

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