Jiefang J7, the Most Popular Heavy-duty Truck

May 17,2023

J7, FAW Jiefang’s seventh generation of heavy-duty truck, was launched in 2018. With seven years' research and development, Jiefang J7 was considered a milestone in China's heavy-duty truck industry. Having made a number of technological breakthroughs, Jiefnag J7 is a highly competitive product in the global truck market with its outstanding performance in intelligence, comfort, fuel efficiency, safety, reliability and efficiency. 

In the year 2023, it offers three new variants for the J7 model. With Aluminium alloy beam and integrated cast frame, its B10 life can reach up to 1.5 million kilometers, reaching the highest standard in the international market. Equipped with Aowei 15 liter 660HP engine, J7 truck can achieve a maximum torque of 3200 N.m, making it the most powerful truck currently produced by Jiefang.

In addition, it boasts a number of advanced technologies, including four-point air suspension, NVH, airbag seats, automatic air-conditioning system, hydraulic retarder, disc braking, LDW, ESP, EBS, self-adaptable cruising, anti-collision alarming system and active & passive emergency braking system.

Furthermore, Jiefang J7, as the world's first L2-class highway tractor to enter into mass production, has set the industry standard for intelligent internet-connected commercial vehicles.

In the year 2019, J7 was selected as the Chinese truck of the year. Its new title as the Most Popular Heavy-duty Truck further solidifies its position in China’s high-end truck market. In 2022, FAW Jiefang J7 tractor successfully passed the EU WVTA certification, becoming the first heavy-duty fuel tractor in China to pass the EU WVTA certification at Euro VI-E stage. In May 2023, 100 Jiefnag J7 were exported abroad for the first time, once again demonstrating its power as one of the big CV makers in China. In the future, J7, made by FAW Jiefang, will continue to lead the trend of heavy trucks among Chinese truck manufacturers.

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