JAC Delivers Its Second Batch of Medium Trucks to J&T Express Vietnam

April 26,2023

VIETNAM, April 26, 2023 /chinatrucks.com/ -- Recently, J&T Express Vietnam took delivery of a batch of JAC medium trucks. This is regarded as its second purchase following the first order for 40 JAC logistics trucks in 2020.

The model was built specifically for Vietnamese market and has been optimized with regard to its reliability, fuel efficiency, and loading capacity. With a larger box capacity, the efficiency of courier transport has thereby been improved. It has now gained great popularity with well-know courier companies like J&T, ZTO Express, BEST and local customers since its launch in Vietnam in 2019, with cumulative sales close to 700 units.

J&T Express has expanded to more than 1,900 courier depots in Vietnam, with its courier network covering the whole country. Since its first purchase of JAC medium-duty trucks in 2020, they have accumulated more than 500 thousand kilometers.

JAC has now gradually established an operation management mode that integrates production, sales and service after years of development in Vietnam. In the future, JAC aims to bring an excellent driving experience for customers in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and even the world to do its part for the development of the global logistics industry.

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