DeepWay is Now Coming, Leading the Future is No Longer a Dream

April 20,2023

A truck has 6 sensors all over its body and 1 infrared camera, enable L3 autonomous driving after mass production, 49 tons payload mass. Has you ever seen such a truck?
DeepWay is Now Coming, Leading the Future is No Longer a Dream
It is DeepWay, China's first-ever new energy heavy-duty truck to feature forward-design.

It has a drag coefficient of 0.35, the lowest among commercial vehicle in the world and even lower than the Tesla Semi's 0.36. I am sure you can see this from its look.

If you drive such a truck into the street or service area, people will be watching you and casting envious glances.DeepWay is Now Coming, Leading the Future is No Longer a Dream

Some friends may have noticed from the picture that this is a new energy heavy-duty truck. Well, let’s have a first look at the battery. We come to the back of the cab and found that there is no battery. Where is the battery? Isn’t this an electric truck? How can we just put the battery behind the cab? The battery is located at the bottom of the truck and is integrated into the chassis. In this way, it frees up the space behind the cab and increases the cargo compartment by 9.6% compared to a conventional battery-swapping heavy-duty truck. Moreover, the battery is put in a lower position to power electronic devices at rear like e-axle drivetrain and distributed motors directly for higher transmission efficiency.

With an energy density of 130Wh/kg, DeepWay's battery is approximately 30% higher than conventional battery-swapping heavy-duty trucks. Its battery capacity can reach 466kWh, an increase of 33% compared to the competitors. As the battery is mounted in the chassis section, one might ask if it would be inconvenient for the truck driver to change the battery. But in fact, DeeWay applies a way that can better suit drivers’ habit compared to Tesla Semi, which uses a large 900kWh battery with a range of 800Km. The time required for the whole process of swapping is 6 minutes. It can travel over 300 km on a full charge.
DeepWay is Now Coming, Leading the Future is No Longer a Dream

We've just talked about replacing the battery, now let's talk about the motor. This vehicle uses a distributed motor. It can be driven independently on the front and rear axles, as well as the left and right wheels. If for example, the electric drive axle on the front axle fails, the rear axles can still work properly. Howerver, If this happens to a heavy truck that has been converted from fuel to electric, it can only get stuck.

Given that drivers spend a lot of time in the truck, they tend to choose a truck that is comfortable and spacious. For DeepWay, spaciousness and comfort have long become a standard feature. Four screen in front and two screens on both sides as well as one large screen above, there are in total 7 screens, full of the sense of technology. And the truck is equipped with a Qualcomm 8155 chip with super computing power. And it also has a 5G network, which guarantees the data transfer and communication. It is also equipped with gesture recognition, facial recognition and electronic exterior mirrors. So to speak, all the high-end features found on passenger cars are available on this truck. Next, let's get this truck moving and see how smart it is to drive. Next, let's get this truck running and see how well it can drive autonomously. Lane departure warning, highway navigation assistance and forward collision warning, none of these are challenges for it with numerous cameras and radars all over its body. It is able to sense the road conditions 1 km ahead, perfectly solving the safety problem during automatic vehicle driving.

The truck will be launched in June this year and will have a capacity of 1,000 units by the end of this year. This vehicle is suitable for various application scenarios like ports, bulk logistics, express and coal transportation. Don't be surprised to see it on the street next time, because DeepWay is what a new energy heavy truck should be like.

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