Weichai Exported Its First Electric Light Trucks to Philippines

April 07,2023

PHILIPPINES, April 7, 2023 /chinatrucks.com/ -- On March 31 2023, the first batch of 15 Weichai electric light trucks ordered by AUTOKID in February, were shipped from the Chinese port to the Philippines.
First Weichai Electric Light Trucks Introduced to Philippines

AUTOKID , as the largest truck distributor in the Philippines, is an official partner of local government in developing new energy vehicles. This is the first time for Weichai new energy to partner with AUTOKID to introduce its new energy light trucks to the Philippines, which broke the traditional monopoly pattern and marked a step further towards its new energy strategy for light trucks in the Philippines.First Weichai Electric Light Trucks Introduced to Philippines

The strategic partnership between Weichai New Energy Commercial Vehicles and AUTOKID aims to disrupt the existing market pattern with its brand and quality advantages. The two sides have made plans to establish a long-term cooperation and agreed on the strategic direction of sales target, product positioning, technology upgrading and marketing. At present, a second batch of 10 all-electric light trucks has been contracted and is expected to be shipped by the end of April, with a total of 100 electric light trucks expected to be delivered throughout the year.First Weichai Electric Light Trucks Introduced to Philippines

The model delivered is the Weichai EV300, which is powered by Weichai's all-electric golden powertrain. The truck can travel up to 300km when the battery is fully charged. EV300 is manufactured with ultimate light weight design to enable a 10% weight reduction in the self-developed battery and a 200kg weight reduction in the the whole vehicle, making it running fast even with heavier loads. In addition, multiple-function steering wheel, 360℃ camera, auto A/C come as standard to offer you the same comfortable riding experience as passenger car. Other devices like steering auxiliary lighting, collision warning system, electrically heated rear-view mirror are also equipped to safeguard the drivers.

The export of EV300 marks the official entry of Weichai new energy vehicles into the Southeast Asia and starts a new chapter for Weichai's export of new energy light trucks.

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