SANY Awarded as 2022 Forbes China TOP 50 Sustainable DEV Industrial Enterprises

March 23,2023

Earlier this year, Forbes released its "2022 Forbes China Top 50 Sustainable Development Industrial Enterprises" list. SANY was included on the list for its outstanding performanc in green manufacturing, carbon neutrality, sustainable development and ESG construction.

Currently, concepts such as green manufacturing, carbon neutrality, sustainable development, and ESG have become the consensus of most industrial and manufacturing enterprises. Forbes China conducted a comprehensive evaluation based on the specific indicators of five dimensions, i.e.,"management system, technological innovation, comprehensive benefits, resource allocation, and demonstration and promotion". The pioneer models for sustainable development industrial enterprises of the year were ultimately selected.

The selected enterprises in this selection are all industrial enterprises with a history of at least 10 years, annual revenue of over 100 billion yuan, along with a 50% year-on-year increase in R&D investment growth.

Forbes China stated that in addition to having stable and mature management systems, some companies have already demonstrate certain competitive advantages over their global counterparts, and possess state-of-the-art technologies that are among the best in the world. Forbes China specifically pointed out that in this selection, SANY Heavy Industry had an outstanding performance in improving its independent innovation capabilities and breaking through key core technologies.

Taking SANY Heavy Industry's Changsha Plant 18 as an example, in response to the cyclical fluctuations of the heavy industry market, and challenges in producing multiple varieties in small batches and heavy components, SANY Heavy Industry fully utilized flexible automation production, artificial intelligence, and large-scale industrial Internet of Things to establish a digital and flexible heavy equipment manufacturing system. Ultimately, this led to a 123% increase in factory production capacity, a 98% increase in productivity, and a 29% reduction in unit manufacturing costs.

At the same time, with excellent performance in areas such as the circular economy and green production, green product innovation, low-carbon production, green and safe supply chains, employee growth, and charitable donations, SANY Heavy Industry's ESG case was also successfully selected as a Forbes China 2023 ESG inspiring case, providing a useful reference for more companies to explore sustainable development.

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