SHACMAN Delivers Trucks to Customer in Middle East

March 17,2023

Recently, SHACMAN held a ceremony in Middle East to deliver its trucks to customer. The event was attended by the customer's general manager, sales manager and leaders of local logistics companies, oil transportation companies and other companies.

In the speech, SHACMAN personnel explained in detail the company’s development history, product range, and vehicle maintenance so customer can have a general idea about SHACMAN. At the scene, they handed over the golden key representing wealth and dreams to the customers, and the attendees erupted with the loudest applause.At the same time, the SHACMAN truck sounded its horn to bring the delivery ceremony to a successful conclusion.

After the vehicle delivery, an order signing ceremony was held between SHACMAN and customer in the presence of all attendees. Afterwards, they cut the cake together and expressed that both sides will work together to start a new chapter of cooperation in the future.

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