JAC Exported a Thousand High-end Pickups to Europe

March 16,2023

Recently, JAC Motors exported 1,000 high-end pickup trucks to Europe. Europe, as the most demanding and developed automobile market in the world, has been taken by JAC as a strategic market. The successful delivery of 1000 JAC T8 PRO Pickups to German and Italy in batch this time marks the official entry of JAC pickups to European market.

Due to the strength of its products, JAC's pickup trucks are selling well around the world. As of now, JAC has successfully built two major series of pickup products: “T+Hunter” after years of development. The product range includes the economical pickup truck JAC T6, the business-friendly pickup truck JAC T8 PRO, the high-end commercial pickup truck Hunter, and the hard-core off-road pickup truck Hunter ocelot Edition for off-road enthusiasts. These products are highly competitive and can meet most of the needs  among different user groups.JAC T8 PRO is the first pickup truck to open the high-end market in Europe. With a sedan-like design and large space, the pickup delivers strong power performance, high loading capacity and brings consumers a highly comfortable experience. In addition, the T8 pro has been developed with some improvements for the needs of the European market.

2023 can be seen the year of JAC pickups, with the new high-end model Hunter and T8 PRO diesel-petrol automatic products to be available for worldwide market. In 2024, hybrid, electric and other new energy pickups will be launched globally. In 2025, a new generation of medium and large pickup products will be launched globally.


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