FAW Hongta Makes “Great Leap forward” in exports to Philliphines

March 16,2023

In 2023, FAW Hongta's exports  to the Philippines saw an increase of 300%, higher than the levels of last year and the year before. Particularly, its independent export business has been expanding dramatically. Recently, more than 60 FAW Hongta Baling light trucks were delivered and sent to the port for exporting to Philippines.
FAW Hongta has secured bulk orders this year with the growing recognition of FAW Hongta among local customers. At poblacion, in Manila Philippines, it held a brand promotion where 14 trucks were delivered on site.

Facing the intensive competition among global brands in overseas markets, FAW Hongta is committed to building customer trust with professional products. It did it best to find about more about the market situation, do research on customer’s demands, collect and sort information about the difference and advantages of similar products. By actively mobilizing resources from all sides and maximizing its core competitiveness, its reputation has been constantly improved in overseas markets.

On March 3, more than 60 FAW Hongta Baling V6 series light trucks were shipped out from FAW Hongta Automobile Manufacturing Base to the border crossings.

The shipment of this batch of Jiefang Baling light trucks marks the end of the delivery of 897 export order in 2022.

In response to the demand in overseas market, FAW Hongta has developed new products. All these have prepared it well for its further expansion in overseas market in 2023.

In the future, FAW Hongta will continue to optimize products, improve service quality and optimize the marketing system. While creating unique strengths to win customers, FAW Hongta will accelerate its global presence to bring the world high quality commercial vehicles and to contribute its own part to Chinese intelligent manufacturing. 

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