SANY Provides Training Support for Its Mining Customer in Colombia

March 06,2023

Recently, the SANY Colombia team, led by staff from the parent company, conducted a training with the department of Córdoba on the operation and maintenance of the SANY SKT105 mining truck. Fourteen operators were trained, who do double shifts working with this truck, trying to make the most of the good working weather conditions of the season.

The training was carried out at a prestigious company that is dedicated to the exploitation of open-cast coal mines and the movement of sterile material. Its teams accomplish 40 trips per shift, resulting in high operation efficiency.

SANY Colombia is proud to have built three groups of these teams, being the first in Colombia and the second in Latin America after Brazil. Thanks to the optimal performance and quality of the SANY brand, products and service, it has set the bar for clients in countries such as Peru and Chile.

At SANY, these teams transform the world with quality, and build lasting relationships with their clients and collaborators.

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