Sales of the Top Three Heavy Truck Brands in Russia Are All from China

March 01,2023

The past week has been marked by something historic in the Russian market. According to the statistics of Russian heavy trucks, KAMAZ fell out of the top three for the first time, and the top three players were all dominated by Chinese truck brands. Despite the previous momentum of Chinese trucks in the Russian market, this still marks a moment of great significance.

In the statistics from February 6 to 12, SINOTRUK SITRAK C7H claims the championship title among the newly registered trucks in the Russian market. The second place went to SHACMAN SX3318, which achieved sales volume of 172 units, closely followed by FAW Jiefang CA3310 with sales of 159 units.

As for the local KAMAZ, its two major best-selling models KAMAZ 43118 and 65115, just ranked fourth and fifth with 146 and 137 units sold respectively. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict prevented KAMAZ from producing its own K4 and K5 series trucks as planned, which was the main direct reason for its fall out of the top three.

The number of Chinese trucks imported by Russia in 2021 is 7,700 units, while in 2022 it jumps to about 31,000 units. According to Russian media reports, KAMAZ-54901, also known as KAMAZ K5, is the new Russian mainline truck tractor, has completed the process of "Russification" and will start production in February-March this year.

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