SAIC Delivers Its First EC303 All-electric Light Trucks to DHL Mexico

February 17,2023

Mexico(, the first batch of 10 SAIC EC303 all-electric light trucks was successfully delivered to the international express giant DHL in Mexico. The delivery of the first vehicles marks that SAIC light trucks have got wide recognition from overseas customers and receive more and more orders as its brand influence enhanced.

SAIC light truck and DHL Mexico entered into a partnership at the end of 2022. In less than a month, DHL placed orders for a total of 36 light trucks, with the further 10 units placed in the second order to be delivered soon. After the trial run, DHL found that the performance delivered by SAIC light trucks is very satisfying and said that it would place an additional order for a further 100 SAIC light trucks in 2023.

The success of SAIC light truck in overseas market is built on its dual-track product strategic transformation and forward-looking layout. As a leading brand in light truck segment, SAIC light trucks are up to international standards in quality and product details relying on its strong manufacturing strength of Davos Lighthouse Factory. With high bearing capacity and reliable core configurations, SAIC EC303 is well received by major customers in industries like express delivery, commercial superstores, city distribution and smart logistics.

Word of mouth comes from trust, quality makes the future! Looking ahead, SAIC will continue to adhere to its independent overseas development strategy to provide high-quality products and services to local customers, and hopes to see its vehicles operating in more and more countries.

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