165 JAC Pickup Trucks Were Delivered to a Saudi Arabia's Customer

February 10,2023

Recently, 165 JAC T8 pickup trucks were successfully delivered to a contracting business customer in Saudi Arabia.

The JAC Pickup T8 was designed to be a dependable and affordable vehicle in the light transport vehicle category up to 900 kg. It is ideal for Saudi Arabia’s weather conditions and off-road since it is supplied with competitively cost diesel engines for cargo transportation. The 2WD or 4WD pickup trucks can seat up to five passengers.

With over 30 years of expertise, the customer is regarded as one of the region’s largest and most important contracting enterprises, with its business covering many fields such as the construction of hospitals, hotels, ports, airports, railroads, factories across Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the group has reached a number of cooperation agreements with the Saudi government on the construction of Saudi Arabia's gigabit project "NEOM" and Red Sea New City. The batch of 165 JAC T8 pick-ups delivered will precisely be used for the construction of these projects.

JAC has been moving towards multi-dimensional integration from one-way perception since 2021. To seize the opportunity to construct major projects in Saudi Arabia, JAC has maintained close communication with leading company in the construction industry, to know about their needs and make improvement to their products. As a result, JAC's products are highly recognized by customers in the construction industry and get more orders.

The successful delivery of the 165 JAC T8 pickups indicates that T8 pickups have become a hit among its clients in Saudi Arabian construction industry. JAC will adhere to the user-centric approach and continuously improve customer solutions to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 and move forward on the way to develop industry customers!

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