500 Hongyan Firetrucks Were Sent to Kazakhstan

January 16,2023

Kazakhstan(chinatrucks.com)--Recently, SAIC Hongyan exported 500 fire trucks to Kazakhstan, in Central Asia and a grand ceremony for the departure was held in China. These Hongyan trucks were finally selected by the customer due to their strong power, professional performance and reliable quality. Upon arrival, these trucks will be put into service in forests, oil fields and airports in Central Asia, helping to improve the level of firefighting equipment and the ability to respond to fire incidents.

The reliability, stability and power of firetrucks usually have a direct impact on the personal safety and operational efficiency of firefighters. To this end, Hongyan 6×4 fire trucks delivered this time are specially tuned to its chassis, which can fully meet the local needs for firegighting in different application scenarios in Kazakhstan.

For the needs of operation on unpaved roads such as forests and oilfield, Hongyan upgraded its power by equipped with a Corso 13-liter engine with a maximum horsepower of up to 480Ps and its strong power output can easily cope with different working conditions.

In particular, the model is also equipped with a FAST 12-speed overdrive transmission, which is easy to operate and has good acceleration performance, enabling firefighters to reach the rescue site quickly. In addition, Hongyan has added cold zone configuration to these fire trucks, even in the cold environment below -30° in Kazakhstan, the engine can start instantly and go to the front lines at any time.

In recent years, SAIC Hongyan has been actively implementing China's "One Belt, One Road", strategy and "going out" to develop the global markets. So far, SAIC Hongyan's fire trucks have been highly recognized by users both at home and abroad for their excellent quality and cutting-edge technology, contributing the Chinese part to the world's firefighting cause.

Previously, SAIC Hongyan fire trucks had been delivered in bulk to Papua New Guinea to guarantee the APEC conference to be held successfully in Papua New Guinea that year. Years ago, Hongyan firetrucks were also exported to the Dominican Republic, and made their public debut as a representative of the fire truck in the military parade for the 175th Anniversary of the independence of the Dominican Republic.

The successful export of 500 Hongyan fire trucks to Kazakhstan once again demonstrates the strength of Hongyan and markes a good start for its further expansion into the global markets. With the export of these Hongyan fire engines to Central Asia, "Made in China" fire trucks are reaching more and more countries and regions in the world.

These fire trucks will not only improve the local fire-fighting capability and emergency response level, but also further protect the lives and properties of the local population, and bring the friendly relationship between the two countries to a higher level.

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