Hongyan Genlyon H6 Hydrogen Heavy Trucks Put into Service in Shanghai

December 21,2022

Shanghai recently put a number of hydrogen-fuelled heavy trucks into operation.

These hydrogen fuel vehicles are said to be Hongyan's Genlyon H6 tractor head. With a standard payload of 49T, they are used for transporting automotive parts between vehicle and parts factories in Jiading and Lingang District, Shanghai.

Its hydrogen supply system can store up to 31 kg of hydrogen and be filled up in just 20 minutes, providing relatively high efficiency. With a hydrogen consumption of 7.2 kg/100 km, the vehicle can offer a standard range of over 400 km.

SAIC said the 49T fuel-cell tractors are equipped with the SHPT PROME P3X fuel-cell system, which has a power rating of 117kW and can be started at a low temperature of -30°C in 30 seconds.

In terms of reliability and durability, SAIC claims that the SHPT PROME P3X fuel cell system has undergone complete reliability and durability testing and can provide a service life of up to 10,000h.

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