FAST E-SHIFT's Overseas Orders Continue to Grow

December 15,2022

A batch of high-end light trucks equipped with FAST E-Shift 6-speed transmissions will soon roll off the production line and be sent to the South America. FAST E-Shift transmission has been well received by local customers, who say it save money and effort.

Upon arrival, the vehicles will be put into service in extreme climate conditions on the western slopes of the Andes, where the difference in altitude is close to 5,000 meters. This environment requires a high level of reliability and resilience in the gearbox.

FAST E-SHIFT is the best choice for this kind of working conditions as it can handle steep slopes, rough terrain and sudden temperature changes with ease.

FAST E-SHIFT 6-speed, 8-speed AMT has come as standard for many models from OEMs, and its sales at home and abroad are rising year by year as more people choose FAST.

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