Weichai Released World's First Diesel Engine with a Thermal Efficiency of 52.8%

November 21,2022

On November 11, Weichai Power released the world’s first commercialized diesel engine with a base engine thermal efficiency of 52.28%. This is the third time for Weichai Power to break through the limit of diesel engine thermal efficiency and keep leading the upgrade of global internal combustion engine technology. Previously, Weichai Power released the world's first commercial diesel engine with a base thermal efficiency of 50.23% in September 2020 and then increased it to 51.09% in January 2022.

What does a thermal efficiency of 52.28% mean?

The engine base thermal efficiency refers to the proportion of the thermal energy it converts during combustion into mechanical energy without using waste heat recovery devices. The higher the base thermal efficiency of an engine, the better will be its economy. According to Weichai, diesel engines with 52.28% thermal efficiency can achieve a 12% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions compared with their mainstream 46% average thermal efficiency counterparts. On an industry-wide basis, this engine advance would help China save an estimated 19 million tons of fuel and reduce 60 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

How did Weichai do it?

The 52.28% thermal efficiency achievement of the Weichai Power diesel engine was officially recognized by TÜV SÜD (Germany), an international authoritative testing institution. To achieve a thermal efficiency of 52.8%, Weichai developed four new technologies on the basis of the original five technologies including co-combustion, co-design, exhaust energy distribution, zoning lubricant and intelligent control. 1. 3D precision boost design technology, which enables a 5% increase in supercharger operating efficiency. 2. Air insulation technology, allows 15% reduction of heat transfer in the cylinder. 3. High efficiency circulation technology, effectively reduces the resistance of intake and exhaust piping. 4. Dual main injection technology enhances fuel-air mixture and increase combustion speed by 5%. During this period, Weichai has declared 162 patents with 124 patents granted.

In conventional energy, Weichai will continue to increase investment in research and development to meet the highest global emission standards. As for new energy power, Weichai will provide global customers with diversified power systems like fuel cell, hybrid, pure electric, hydrogen internal combustion engine, methanol engine, ammonia engine according to their different needs for power systems.

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