Geely Farizon’s Mini Electric Truck E200S Exported to Chile

November 16,2022

CHILE(chinatrucks) -- On November 10, a batch of FARIZON E200S electric mini trucks got ready to be shipped from Shenzhen, China to Chile. The delivery marks the second shipment of FARIZON E200S to South America following its first shipment to Costa Rica. FARIZON has now gradually advanced into the South American market and in the future it will seek more market share in the region.

The E200S will be delivered to VOLTERA upon its arrival in South America. VOLTERA and FARIZON has long established a good relationship, in the future, both parties will seek to conduct in-depth strategic cooperation to meet the growing demands for new energy commercial vehicles in South America. As the main model exported to South America, the E200S not only offers what the Chilean customers want, but also meets the industry upgrades and regulatory certification standards for new energy vehicles and components. Upon in operation, E200S are expected to serve the construction of a green smart logistics system by providing green transport.

FARIZON E200S is among the best-selling model in overseas markets in FARIZON's mini truck segments. With a Cargo volume of up to 11.2m3 and a cab width of approximately 1750mm, it delivers excellent performance in acceleration and climbing ability. In addition, it is also equipped with proven automotive-grade components and features a separate design for the cargo compartment and body, which greatly improves the safety performance of the whole vehicle and extends its service life. In terms of intelligence, features such as energy recovery and 4G smart networking can bring drivers a more convenient and connected driving experience.

VOLTERA provides a wide range of EV-related business, including fast charging, after-sales service, electric vehicle maintenance and financing, to AI&IoT management systems. As the first auto company in Chile to focus on doing clean energy, Voltera has gained a lot of experience in selling electric cars. This also makes Voltera an important partner for FARIZON in South America. VOLTERA believes that solar energy can provide a powerful dynamic for ground transportation and is committed to making a significant contribution to "solar-powered electric vehicles".

In the future, FARIZON will continue to bring its new energy commercial vehicles to the South American and global markets. As its brand vision says, FARIZON will keep moving on the development of NEV commercial vehicles and strive to be a pioneer in the transition towards zero-carbon transportation on a global scale.

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