FAW Hongta’s Jan.-Oct. Export to Philippines Exceeds the Full Year of 2021

November 15,2022

According to FAW Hongta, its January to October's exports to the Philippines has exceeded that of the Full Year of 2021. FAW Hongta first introduced its classic 3 dumper to the Philippine market in August 2021. Its export volume from August to December 2021 amounted to 95 units, while the figure went up 300% year on year to 285 units during January to October 2022.

Over the years, Hongta dumper has secured more and more volume orders as it attained a higher level of recognition among local customers.

As early as 2015, FAW Hongta has begun exporting its products to South East Asia. From Euro III to Euro V and then to the current Euro VI emissions, FAW Hongta's products and services have been continuously improved and therefore built up a good brand reputation in the region.

Confronting with the fierce competition among global brands, FAW Hongta has maximized its core competitiveness and gained a high recognition in overseas markets due to its constant market research and customers-focus strategy.

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