Over 5000 Swappable Battery Heavy Trucks Were in Operation in Tangshan

November 10,2022

TANGSHAN(chinatrucks) -- In October 2021, the Chinese government announced a pilot program to promote battery swapping solutions for heavy duty trucks in three cities – Baotou in Mongolia, Tangshan in the Hebei province, and Yibin in the Sichuan province.

Up to now, Tangshan has put into operation more than 5,000 swappable battery heavy trucks, ranking first in the country. Up to 23 swapping battery stations, 17 swapping stations for company use have been completed with 6 more still under construction.

“The changing station can charge/swap for 147 all-electric heavy-duty trucks, with 1 battery to be fully charged in an hour.” said a logistics company executive. The company currently has a total of 220 all-electric heavy trucks, representing 70% of its fleet.

Tangshan has signed agreements with Foton and Skwell to establish new energy assembly plants in the region, two of which have already broken ground. Tangshan aims to promote more than 10,000 new energy vehicles, including 1,000 hydrogen vehicles in the year 2022 and 2023.

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