Dongfeng Launched New Tianlong KL and Tianjin KR Trucks in Vietnam

November 09,2022

VIETNAM(chinatrucks) -- On 4 November 2022, Dongfeng launched the Tianlong KL and Tianjin KR models for the Vietnamese market, with more than 200 participants including Vietnamese dealers, customers, and prominent media present at the event.

Dongfeng has been present in Vietnam for many years and is well aware of local market and customer needs. With high safety, reliability and efficiency, as well as intelligence and comfort, Dongfeng Tianlong KL and Dongfeng Tianjin KR will contribute to the sustainable development of the logistics industry in Vietnam.

After the test drive, dealers and customers said:“Dongfeng Tianlong KL is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and keeps in mind the driving habits of logistics drivers in Vietnam.”

“The truck is easy to operate, comfortable to drive and particularly intelligent.”

“Compared to the old Tianlong, the new vehicle has a bright appearance and is equipped with a high horsepower engine that fully meets the needs of trunk logistics.”

“After the test drive, I just felt more confident that the trucks will be a big seller.” …

During the event, Dongfeng also held a product promotion event and logistics industry exchange meeting. Nguyen Van Jin, General Sales Manager of HOANG HUY Group, Dongfeng’s Vietnam distributor, explained to the participants the performance, parameters and in which scenarios Dongfeng Tianlong KL and Tianjin KR could be used.

After years of efforts, Dongfeng has established a global sales and service network,with its main overseas markets covering Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America, among other places. 

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