FOTON Secured an Order for 60 AUMAN EST-A AMT Trucks in Eastern Europe

October 21,2022

EASTERN EUROPE-- On October 14, 22 FOTON AUMAN EST-A AMT high-end heavy trucks were delivered to the largest producer of cement and construction materials in Eastern Europe to expand its transportation fleet, which is the first delivery of the order for 60 FOTON trucks signed this year. These AUMAN EST-A will then be put into service for supplying construction materials to major infrastructure sites, enabling the construction of cities and upgrading local towns.

Cement transportation generally has complex working conditions and may encounter various situations, such as unfixed transportation distances and routes. Prior to that, the trucks operating in the customer’s fleet were mainly European brands. After getting an in-depth look at FOTON products and its range of customized services, the customer decided to purchase the first FOTON trucks. The special working conditions for cement transportation require AUMAN EST-A not only to provide strong power, high reliability, high load capacity and low fuel consumption, but also to help customers reduce costs and improve efficiency under compound operating conditions.

As a leader in the commercial vehicle industry, FOTON Motor continues to invest in advanced manufacturing technology and R&D equipment to promote the development of high-end intelligent AMT heavy-duty trucks and help customers reduce cost and improve efficiency. As part of the transportation solution, FOTON will also establish a service center to serve the fleet. Customers can get all the parts and services they need in the process of operation from the local central parts warehouse and through customized parts policies.

“We cannot interrupt delivery to our customers due to factors such as vehicle shortages or transportation market transformation. At the same time, we develop transportation solutions with the aim of reducing costs and improving efficiency. Transportation shortages in some regions could be alleviated and delivering service will be improved thanks to the renewal of vehicles.” said one company executive.

This successful delivery shows once again that FOTON products have been highly recognized by customers. Another order for 100 more tractors are expected to be signed next year. With strong technology reserve, FOTON Motor will continue to innovate and focus on developing products for different scenarios such as urban mobility, logistics and transportation to create more value for global customers.

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