BYD Delivers First Order of 120 Electric Tractors to Mexico's Transportes Marva

October 09,2022

On 5th October, the Expo Transporte ANPACT 2022 was held at Puebla Exhibitor Center in Mexico. Expo Transportes 2022 is considered one of the largest of its kind in the Americas, bringing together entrepreneurs, freight forwarders, and suppliers with an international presence.BYD Delivers First Units of Its 120 E-tractors to Mexico's Transportes MarvaAt the Expo Transporte 2022, BYD delivered the first five units of 120 pure electric tractors to Mexico's Transportes Marva. This order includes a total of 120 pure electric tractor units, which represented the largest fleet of this type of heavy vehicle outside of China. The delivery is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023 and since then will be circulating in the main industrial centres of Mexico. It will contribute to the development of the pure electric logistics industry of Mexico.

In order to contribute to reducing the 25% of CO2 emissions in Mexico that come from the freight transport sector, the companies BYD, Element and Enel X have joined forces to bring their first 100% electric Q3MA heavy-duty vehicle to the national market.

During the presentation held as part of Expo Transporte ANPACT 2022, Ray Zohu, CEO of BYD Mexico, stressed that the introduction of these units will reduce polluting emissions and move towards the electrification of fleets.

He stressed that thanks to the support of companies such as Element and Enel X, transport customers will have access to a complete service solution.

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