SANY Launches 13 Electric Tractors and World’s First MTB Battery

September 27,2022

On September 23, SANY launched a total of 13 electric tractors, two battery swapping stations and the world's first MTB (Module to Bracket) battery.

The world's largest power battery-swapping heavy truck, Jiangshan SE-437H has 14 degrees more electric capacity than similar products and a combined range of over 240km, making it suitable for inter-city high-speed transport.

SANY also unveiled its heavy-duty electric truck with the longest range, Jiangshan SE - 565C. With a battery capacity of 565kWh, it can offer a range of up to 300km. The vehicle uses the first 4-gun fast charging of its kind, which takes only 45 minutes to charge 80% of the battery, and there is currently no similar product in the industry yet.SANY Launches 13 Electric Tractors and World’s First MTB Battery

Three other products, including the world's lightest electric heavy duty truck, the 282H Elite, the industry's best-selling electric heavy duty truck, the new JIANGSU SE-373H, and the stylistically unconventional JIANGSHAN SE-291H, also received great attention.

At the launch event, SANY's world-first MTB (Module to Bracket) battery was officially launched to the public.SANY Launches 13 Electric Tractors and World’s First MTB Battery

“MTB" battery is reportedly an integrated power battery without a battery box and is independently developed by SANY. It supports two modes of operation: charging and battery changing, and is the first of its kind for SANY in terms of Battery, Motor and Electric Control.

MTB Battery integrates directly a virtual battery module into a large capacity battery assembly, instead of combining a standard box battery with a steel frame structure as it did before.

Compared to conventional batteries, MTB batteries is half a ton lighter and 30% smaller in size, but still allow for more than 20% increase in energy density. With a unique insulation system and division heating technology, the battery insulation time is extended by 300% than the original, giving the product 50% more range in low temperature conditions and alleviating the problem of "winter breakdowns" in electric vehicles.SANY Launches 13 Electric Tractors and World’s First MTB Battery

SANY has developed more than 30 new energy products with pure electric power, power exchange and hydrogen fuel, covering a wide range of applications including mixers, dump trucks, tractors, mining trucks.

According to the latest data, a total of 13,573 new energy heavy trucks were sold from January to August this year, an increase of 322% year-on-year. In August alone, a total of 1,928 units of new energy heavy trucks were sold, an increase of 134% year-on-year. SANY achieved sales of 2,062 units in new energy heavy-duty trucks during January to August this year and ranked first in China. Sales of SANY new energy heavy trucks in August amounted to 379 units, with a market share of around 20%.

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