325 XCMG All Electric Trucks Were Exported to South America

September 06,2022

SOUTH AMERICA(chinatrucks): On September 2, 325 XCMG pure electric heavy trucks, including tractors, dump trucks and wide-body dump trucks, were shipped from China to South America.

Upon arrival, these purely electric wide-body dump trucks from the order will be put into service in the "green mines”. According to XCMG, these trucks exported to South America are available with both battery charging and battery-swapping modes. The battery swapping can be finished in only three to five minutes.

XCMG also builds corresponding charging stations and piles for customers according to their working conditions, to create an integrated operation ecology of "vehicle, electricity and station". In addition,  spare parts and after-sales service will be offered through XCMG's manufacturing base in South America to support the later operation of the vehicles.

“When we first planned to introduce Chinese electric heavy trucks, we tried several brands in the early stages. We were really impressed by XCMG’s reliability and low electric consumption, and it was a pleasure to communicate with their personnel who were always very prompt in giving feedback.” said the customer.

As early as 2018, XCMG entered New Zealand with its new energy products and became the first Chinese enterprise to export new energy logistics vehicles to developed countries. At present, the whole series of XCMG's new energy products have been deployed in some developed countries and made breakthroughs in sales in some high-end markets in Oceania.

In 2021, XCMG's exports grew by 216% year-on-year and generated more than RMB 1 billion in revenue. This growth trend continued in the first half of 2022, during which XCMG saw an increase of 68.1% Year-over-year in exports and generated over RMB 860 million in revenue.

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