JAC's N75EV Electric Light Truck Obtains EU WVTA Certificate

August 31,2022

EUROPE(chinatrucks): JAC's full electric light truck N75EV has recently been granted a European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) certificate following its successful entry into high-end markets such as Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. With this WVTA certificate, which has been described as an access card to the European market, JAC could offer its full electric light truck N75EV for sale in unlimited quantities in Europe.

WVTA (Whole Vehicle Type Approval), commonly regarded as the "Oscar" in vehicle certifications, is the kind of the most comprehensive and demanding certification with the highest barriers on a global scale and an certification that must be obtained for high-end light trucks. To obtain this certification, N75EV all-electric light truck has undergone more than 100 rigorous tests due to the rising technical barriers in Europe year on year.

The N75EV all-electric light truck is a star product specifically developed for the European market and comes standard with a number of intelligent features such as AEBS, LDWS, TPMS, 360 panoramic image, dual airbags and knob shifting.

Local tests for N75EV have now been launched simultaneously in the European market. It is believed that the N75EV full electric light truck will soon hit on road in the European continent with a new look, showing the world the charm of "Intelligent manufacturing in China".

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