CATL Among Top 50 Forbes China Most Innovative Companies

August 26,2022

On August 12, Forbes China released the list of Top 50 Forbes China Most Innovative Companies 2022. CATL is the only company that has been included on the list for five consecutive years by virtue of its continuous innovation and leading technology in the new energy industry.

Latest data from SNE Research shows that CATL holds 34.8% of the global EV battery market share in the first half of 2022. According to Forbes, from the perspective of products, CATL has continued to make breakthroughs in structure innovation. The newly launched CTP3.0 battery Qilin has set a new record for the integration level of battery systems in the world, achieving a range of 1,000 kilometres without stacking up batteries.

So far, the list of the Top 50 Forbes China Most Innovative Companies has been released for five consecutive years, which evaluates and ranks companies' innovation capabilities in terms of business model, R&D investment and growth potential. The list highlights innovative business approaches in 10 fields including new energy, software services, semiconductor, consumer electronics, AI services and hardware, among others.

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