FAW Jiefang Delivers First 60 Express Delivery Trucks in Mexico

August 19,2022

MEXICO(chinatrucks): Recently, 60 Jiefang Hu V light trucks were delivered to J&T Express Mexico Company by FAW Jiefang Mexico office. 
FAW Jiefang Receives Its First Order for 60 Express Delivery Trucks in Mexico

This delivery indicates that Jiefang light trucks have been widely accepted by customers from the express delivery industry in Mexico. Following the delivery, Jiefang's network of more than 10 service and spares outlets throughout Mexico will fully guarantee the attendance of customers' vehicles.

Back in 2018, FAW Jiefang had started to enter the Mexican market and began in-depth cooperation with local distributor ELAM on the establishment of a KD assembly plant. It took just three years from the start of terminal sales in 2019 to surpassing 1000 orders in 2021.

The relervant person in charge of J&T Express said that this delivery is just the beginning of the cooperation between the two sides, and it is believed that the premium products of FAW Jiefang and the gradually improved service guarantee system in Mexico will significantly support the development of J&T Express' business in Mexico.

As of end of July, FAW Jiefang has exported a total of 11,819 vehicles, an increase of nearly 50% year-on-year, and achieved sales breakthroughs in more and more markets such as Mongolia, Mexico and Nigeria.

In the future, Jiefang will be sticking to the policy of open development to achieve its strategic goal of making "China's first and world-leading" trucks.

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