World's First 5G Electric Intelligent Heavy Truck Completes Road Test

August 19,2022

CHINA(chinatrucks): Recently, the world's first 5G electric intelligent heavy truck, jointly developed by SANY and, completed its first 31km autonomous driving road test.

The road test started from the west gate of Intelligent Heavy Truck Industrial Park, passed through the test section of Changsha Bypass Highway and the main road, and returned to the battery-swapping station at the factory. The whole trip took 55 minutes and passed through 8 intersections.

The road test involves 13 typical scenarios that may be encountered in actual applications, including urban road conditions, highway and nighttime road conditions, traffic signals, on and off ramps, entering and exiting toll booths, and vehicle lane changes.

The road test was completed by the "virtual driving" system jointly developed by SANY and, with its autonomous driving level reaching L4 and no human intervention is required.

The 40-ton 50 electric truck is also equipped with millimeter wave radar, high-definition cameras, multiple sensors, satellite positioning systems, and 5G and C-V2X technology for sending and receiving data and commands, according to which it makes adjustments for steering and throttle.

The vehicle has a range of 200 km and supports both charging and battery swapping modes of operation.

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